19 jaar geleden


Father, father, someone who shares

someone who shows how much he cares,

someone who’s there to dry my tears

and keeps reminding me, not to fear.

Father, father, with big strong arms

strong arms to keep me warm,

someone to protect me from all harm

even in the strongest storm


When life’s burdens get so heavy

he is always ready,

to give me the comfort that I need

that keeps my mind so steady.


Father, I hope that one day soon

you will take me to the moon,

oh, isn’t that funny?

or, is it sunny?


I love you father, very much

thanks for all that you have done,

and I hope that one day soon

I will be a good father, just like you.


“Shalom”,¬†Terrence Barret

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© Frisse Wateren, FW